Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goin' Away

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you all a little heads up that I'm going away to Amsterdam for a little while and will most likely not be using a computer during that time. I will get right back to posting upon my return and I'm sure I will have a lot of nice material to post!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Louis Vuitton Damier Flats

New Woman's Damier print flats from LV. $545

Peugeot Concept

New personal car.
Click HERE for more pics

Supreme 2010 Spring/Summer

I really like their new shit, especially this hoodie, I encourage you all to go check it out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

PLAY CDG Speedo & Swimwear

Available by the end of February.

Noteput - Interactive Music Table

Video explains it all..

One Life Stand: Ian Carey Remix

"One Life Stand," originally by Ian Longo & Jay Wainwright feat. Craig Smart has recently been remixed by Ian Carey. Carey is an American DJ/Producer having sold over 2 million records worldwide. As for this song.. I'm in love, progressive house was always one of my favorite genres, there's just so much to it.

One Life Stand (Ian Carey Remix)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pic(s) Of The Day

YSL Spring-Summer fashion show for Women. Thought these pics were really nice.

Keepreal Volume: 2

Keepreal is basically a collective of music from various artist putting together mixtapes helping the artists grow. I decided to pass on the "Keepreal Volume.2" as it had been passed on to me. As for the actual music, I like a few of the tracks and some I'm not such a fan of, but check them out they're pretty cool.

01 – KR vol.2 – AUDIO WOK – Fly (England)
02 – KR vol.2 – LOWCLUB – Talking Two (France)
03 – KR vol.2 – THE CENTURY – Heartbreak (Netherlands)
04 – KR vol.2 – THE RANDOM – Voyage (Brazil)
05 – KR vol.2 – HOT NOIZES – Where We Go (Ukraine)
06 – KR vol.2 – DJ BRICKSTA – Don’t Mind Me (Australia)
07 – KR vol.2 – PELUSSJE – Shake My Blood (Italy)
08 – KR vol.2 – CEDRIC DE CHASSE – La Chasse est Ouverte (Switzerland)
09 – KR vol.2 – BLAC WALDO – Chicken Eggz (United States)
10 – KR vol.2 – LBCK – Giallo (United States)
11 – KR vol.2 – RUN RIOT – Disco Itch (England)
12 – KR vol.2 – BLAC WALDO – Chicken Eggz 2.0 (United States)
13 – KR vol.2 – ROBOT KOCH – Away From (Germany)
14 – KR vol.2 – FRENCH TRAGEDIES IN COLOR – Flow 97 (United States)
15 – KR vol.2 – BBOPNROKSTEDY – Message Erased (United States)
16 – KR vol.2 – BOYFUTUR & PILLAGE – Drugs (France)

For more info visit

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Staring At The Sun - Diplo Remix

TV On The Radio's song "Staring at the sun" released way back is a great song, and I always knew there would be a great remix to it. Here is one of them, Diplo never fails.

Staring At The Sun (Diplo Remix) - TV On The Radio

Pic Of The Day

Monday, February 15, 2010

Biggy vs. Andrea Bocelli

Download: Can I get witcha (Mash-Up) - Biggy Vs. Andrea Bocelli

Crooked I - Fireflies Freestyle

Here's Crooked I rapping over Owl City's beat of their hit song "Fireflies." Who said gangsters can't smile?

Cool Vid Rihanna

He Don't Own Me - Skillz

Skillz has come a long way since his first single was released in 1996 but sank without a trace. His I recently heard a song off his newest mixtape "The Million Dollar Backpack" and I like it. He's been ghostwriting many hits for artist like P. Diddy, Mase, and Jermaine Dupri and he definatly has the ability to expand his own career.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Alright so this isn't really a song, but a friend showed it to me and it's called "Virtual Audio." Basically, when you listen to it, it sounds like everything is actually going on around you and its just so real. Close your eyes and you will trip! I strongly urge you to check this out it's great, you don't have to download it just give it a listen. Make sure you have headphones on and you're ready.

Barbershop - Virtual Audio

Courtyard - Virtual Audio

River Running - Virtual Audio

Crashing Waves - Virtual Audio

Homeward Bound - Virtual Audio

J. Cole Talks About His New Album

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ignition x Keep It Going Louder

The Hood Internet back with one of my favorite mixes by them. Which reminds me.. they are on tour until March 3rd for those of you who are interested. I heard their concert are very hype. Click HERE for tickets and info.

Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly vs Major Lazer) - The Hood Internet

Goin' Euro

Recently, two European trance sounding songs were showed to me and I though to post them because I know for a fact that the style is quickly making it's way over seas. I'm loving the Damien Fernandez track.

Dying - Damian Fernandez

Stereo Love - Edward Maya Ft. Vika Jigulina

Aqua Notes

A waterproof pad helping you remember all of those incredible ideas you get in the shower. We've all been there..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Gucci Hi Top Strap Sneakers

Fantastic Performances All Night Long

Last night's Grammys has some great performances, especially with an opening from Lady Gaga and Elton John. It was a strong way to open up the 52nd annual award show and really pumped up the crowd. I won't lie, I waited all night to watch the Forever performance and I must say it was great. Shout out to Eminem who went the hardest I find but Drake and Wayne did amazing also. Drake told an interviewer last night that Eminem gave him a nice little pep talk and I thought that was nice of him. If only Kanye was there to top it all off... Oh well I'm sure he's planning something crazy somewhere out there.