Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'll be honest, I've been waiting very long for Alicia Keys and Drake to make a song together. Alicia Keys is an artist my Dad used to play in the car and I always thought she was very talented, and Drake is probably my favorite artist out there. This track is very soothing, and exactly how I expected it to be, but I just wish that Drake actually did a verse in it rather than background vocals. The song was penned (written) by Drake which is probably why I'm so into it. It's showing his RnB side though, so I don't mind. This song is off Alicia's new album "The Element Of Freedom" which will do well I'm sure. I hope to hear more from these two in the near future! I hope "Thank Me Later" sounds like this.

Unthinkable - Alecia Keys Ft. Drake


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