Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing Attack-Point Kappa

Dubstep may have been one of the fastest growing genres in a while, and I must say that there is so much to it. I tip my hat to dubstep producers because you really need a lot of creativity to make such music. Speaking of Dubstep and producers, I have recently met up with one myself and he goes by the name of Attack-Point Kappa. He has been producing dubstep along with drum & bass for only a few months now but I must say that the man has a natural talent. I instantly fell in love with some of his tracks minutes after clicking the play button, and I love how he incorporates some samples in his tracks. I'll leave you now with his Soundcloud page and some of his tracks below. Watch out for this guy!
Say Goodbye to Corneria by Attack-Point Kappa
Czar's Dilemma by Attack-Point Kappa
Wookie War Call by Attack-Point Kappa

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