Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brace Yourself For The Moon Man

Beautiful is probably the best way to describe Kid Cudi's new album 'Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day'. This morning, Amazon (Germany) released 30 second clips of each track of Cudi's new album. I listened to each one and I can easily tell that the world is about to experience something they never have before in the music world. I've provided you with the track list of Cudder's new album and two 30 second previews.

Act I: The End of Day
1. 'In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)' (prod. by Emile)
2. 'Soundtrack 2 My Life ' (prod. by Emile)
3. 'Simple As...' (prod. by Plain pat)
Act II: Rise of the Night Terrors
4. 'Solo Dolo (Nightmare)' (prod. by Emile)
5. 'Heart of a Lion (KiD CuDi Theme Music)' (prod. by Free School)
6. 'My World' ft. Billy Cravens (prod. by Plain Pat & Jeff Bhasker)
Act III: Taking a Trip
7. 'Day 'N' Nite (Nightmare)' (prod. by Dot Da Genius)
8. 'Sky Might Fall' (prod. by KanYe West)
9. 'Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)' (prod. by Illfonics)

Act IV: Stuck
10. 'Alive (Nightmare)' ft. Ratatat (prod. by Ratatat)
11. 'Cudi Zone' (prod. by Emile)
12. 'Make Her Say' ft. KanYe West & Common (prod. by KanYe West)
13. 'Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)' ft. MGMT & Ratatat (prod. by Ratatat)
Act V: A New Beginning
14. 'Hyyerr" ft. Chip tha Ripper (prod. by Crada)
15. 'Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)' (prod. by Free School)
Bonus Tracks
16. 'Day 'N' Night' (Crookers Remix) (prod. by Crookers)
17. 'T.G.I.F.' ft. Chip tha Ripper (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)
18. 'Man On The Moon' (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)
19. 'Is There Any Love?' ft. Wale (prod. by Plain Pat & Emile)

By the looks of it, this album is going to be absurd. I personally can't wait to buy it. Yes, I am going to spend my hard earned cash to support the work of Kid Cudi.

Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) (Snippet) - Kid Cudi (ft. MGMT & Ratatat)

Man on the Moon: The End of Day (Album Sampler) - Kid Cudi


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