Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lupe goes indie? Everybody relax.

Yo everyone, I was away for the long weekend and was overloaded with work when I got home, which is why I haven't posted anything recently. I apologize. I have some pretty good news though, but first, I was in New York at a party and the DJ busted out a mash-up of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' and Mobin Masters 'Show Me Love'! Honestly, it was the sickest track ever! Oh my shit it was so boom ahhh! SOOO I got home and looked EVERYWHERE for it and I couldn't find it. I ask you readers out there, if you find this song, PLEASE let me know, I'm sure my e-mail is on here somewhere or comment on the post.

Ok back to business. I read somewhere that Lupe Fiasco has another side project and I looked into it. It turns out Japanese Cartoon is Lupe Fiasco’s indie side project. It's pretty intense and I'm not such a fan, but I'll make exceptions for Lupe. Check these out.

Firing Squad - Japanese Cartoon (Lupe Fiasco) (Zippy Share)

Army - Japanese Cartoon (Lupe Fiasco) (Right Click To Download)

Heirplanes - Japanese Cartoon (Lupe Fiasco) (Right Click To Download)

P.S. Michael Jordan can throw a football 65 yards.. DOPE!
P.P.S. What ever happened to CRS.. they were boom!


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